PartnerSolutions is a collaboration among government entities in various areas of the state that is housed at Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery. Formed in the late 90s, this group of mental health and alcohol/drug addiction service boards saw an opportunity to share the staffing services necessary to effectively process claims, which had previously been done by a statewide system that is no longer operational. This model allows for leading expertise in technology, software/hardware, reporting, data analysis, network support services and more, while the economies of scale drive affordability for all in the consortium.

In short, processes and IT functions are streamlined while access to data to inform decisions is expanded.  

What We Do

Data Analytics

PartnerSolutions Data Analytics operates the administrative services organization for 15 Mental Health and Recovery boards in Ohio.

Health Informatics

PartnerSolutions Health Informatics is comprised of Mental Health and Recovery Services Boards and provider agencies in Ohio that have come together to establish a shared electronic health records system.

Homeless Navigation

PartnerSolutions Homeless Navigation operates the Stark County Homeless Hotline (330-452-4363), using a single point-of-entry data collection system to assess and refer callers to appropriate shelters and other programs.


To extend its mission to support mental health and substance use resiliency and recovery, Stark County Mental Health & Addiction Recovery created the PartnerSolutions department in 1999 to provide administrative services, IT, claims, enrollment, and other services to Mental Health and Recovery boards in Northeast Ohio. PartnerSolutions now collaborates with 15 boards serving 22 counties across Ohio to provide smart databases, electronic systems, and more solutions that support a full range of health care provider, patient and community needs.